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Tower Research Capital LLC is a financial services fund started by Mark Gorton in 1998.

The financial engine behind many of Mark Gorton's business and civic interests is Tower Research Capital LLC, a financial services firm that he started in 1998, following a 4½ year stint in the proprietary trading department of Credit Suisse First Boston (now Credit Suisse). At Credit Suisse, Gorton traded stocks and built sophisticated hedging tools used to analyze markets. Tower evolved these models and specializes in quantitative trading and investment strategies based on proprietary trading algorithms using a statistical methodology to identify non-random patterns in the stock markets. Buying and selling is done through an automated trade execution infrastructure.

Tower is staffed by employees proficient in diverse backgrounds such as mathematics, computer programming, physics, law, economics, engineering, finance, and more. As of 2012, Tower had 275 people in its global staff.[1]

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