Tower of Light

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Coordinates: 22°39′05.3″N 120°17′46.8″E / 22.651472°N 120.296333°E / 22.651472; 120.296333 For other uses see Tower of Light (disambiguation)

Tower of Light
Tower of Light.jpg
Ownership information
Owner Kaohsiung City Government
Technical information
Type Transmission tower
No. of transmission towers 1

The Tower of Light (Chinese: 光之塔; pinyin: Guāngzhītǎ) is a former transmission tower in Sanmin District, Kaohsiung, Taiwan.[1]


The tower was originally used by Taipower as high voltage transmission tower. With the construction of underground power cable, the tower was on the brink of being scrapped. The Kaohsiung City Government then actively persuaded Taipower to retain one tower for commemorative purpose. After successfully lobbying for a budget of NT$40 million, ecological concepts were incorporated into the design to use solar power to illuminate the tower.[2]


The tower also features a display of various sizes of insulators and a small climbing wall at its side.


The tower is accessible within walking distance west of Houyi Station of Kaohsiung MRT.[3]

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