Town of Midland

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Town of Midland
Western Australia
Population 9,335 (1966 census)
 • Density 1,436/km2 (3,720/sq mi)
Established 1895
Area 6.5 km2 (2.5 sq mi)
Council seat Midland
Region Eastern Perth

The Town of Midland was a local government area in the eastern suburbs of Perth, Western Australia, centred on the suburb of Midland.


On 8 December 1895, the Municipality of Helena Vale was proclaimed as the local government authority for the rapidly growing town of Helena Vale. The name 'Helena Vale' was chosen because of its closeness to the Helena River.[1][2]

The first meeting of the newly elected Municipality of Helena Vale was held at the goods shed of the Midland Railway Company on 18 December 1895. Edwin Halpin was sworn in as the first Mayor of Helena Vale along with Councillors Alfred Eggleston, Thomas Norman, William Smiley, Alexander Watt, Francis Honey and William Brown.

On 12 April 1901, it was renamed Midland Junction after the Midland Junction railway station that had opened in 1894. On 1 July 1961, it was restyled the Town of Midland following the enactment of the Local Government Act 1960.[1][2][3]

On 1 April 1970, the Council was forced by the State Government to merge with the Shire of Swan-Guildford to form a new council that would operate effectively and economically for the area. It is now a major suburb within the City of Swan.


Year Population
1903 2,208
1911 3,484
1921 4,937
1933 5,408
1947 6,182
1954 8,496
1961 9,256
1966 9,335


Mayor Term
Edwin James Halpin 1895–1898
William Gerald Lefroy 1899–1900
Alexander Ernest Watt 1901–1902
Dr William Elgee 1902–1903
Ferdinand Charles Farrall 1903–1905
William Robert Crosbie 1905–1906
Percival Ford Robinson 1906–1911
George Hiscox 1911–1914
Archibald Jamieson 1914–1915
Peter Sampson 1915–1916
George Hiscox 1916–1923
Benjamin Davies 1923–1924
William Robert Crosbie 1924–1929
Joseph James Poynton 1929–1933
Arthur William Brown 1933–1933
Francis William Tuohy 1933–1939
George Alexander Kennedy 1939–1940
Albert Weston Pauly 1940–1946
Francis William Tuohy 1946–1947
James Howard Cole 1947–1955
Walter Samuel Doney 1955–1962
William Patrick Calnon 1962–1970


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