Toyo Mitunobu

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Toyo Mitunobu,(光延東洋,9 October 1897 – 8 June 1944) was a rear-admiral of the Imperial Japanese Navy. Mitunobu worked in the Japanese naval command in China. During the later stages of World War II Mitunobu was posted to Italy as a naval attaché to the Japanese embassy.

On June 8, 1944 Mitunobu was travelling to Merano for a naval conference of the Axis governments, together with his assistant head Yamanaka. In Pianosinatico (close to Abetone pass) along the Gothic Line, his car was stopped by XI Zone Patriots, commanded by Manrico "Pippo" Ducceschi, and was killed as he tried to escape. Important documents concerning the War in the Pacific were found, which helped to enable the United States and the Allies in their later manoeuvers.[1] He was buried in Königstein. His remain was brought back to Japan in 1994.

His son, Oyo Mitsunobu (1934-2003) was the chemist, and discoverd Mitsunobu reaction.


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