Toyohashi Sozo College

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Toyohashi Sozo College
Toyohashi Sozo College
Toyohashi Sozo College
Type Private
Established 1983 (1983)
Location Toyohashi, Aichi, Japan
34°46′34″N 137°24′32″E / 34.7762°N 137.4088°E / 34.7762; 137.4088Coordinates: 34°46′34″N 137°24′32″E / 34.7762°N 137.4088°E / 34.7762; 137.4088
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Toyohashi Sozo College (豊橋創造大学?, Toyohashi sōzō daigaku) is a private university in Toyohashi, Aichi, Japan. The predecessor of the school, a junior college, was founded in 1983. It became a four-year college in 1996.

Toyohashi Sozo Junior College[edit]

Toyohashi Sozo Junior College (豊橋創造大学短期大学部?, Toyohashi Sōzō Daigaku Tanki Daigakubu) was founded in 1983 as Toyohashi Tankidaigaku (豊橋短期大学?) for women only.[1] It became partially coeducational from April 1, 1991.[2] The college became women-only again from April 1, 1997,[3] partially coeducational again from April 1, 2000,[4] and then completely coeducational from April 1, 2005.[citation needed] The junior college offers courses in childcare.


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