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The Toyota LR engine is a V10 piston engine built by Toyota.


The Lexus LF-A V10 engine
Toyota-Yamaha Lexus LF-A Production Prototype engine 2009 Tokyo Motor Show

Announced in the Lexus LFA sports car, the 1LR-GUE is a 4,805 cc (293 cu in) DOHC engine. The engine is made from aluminium alloy, magnesium alloy and titanium alloy and is smaller than most V8s.[1]

The oil and water pumps are located at the rear of the engine and the lubrication system uses a dry sump. Titanium is used for the valves and the rocker arms have a diamond-like coating. Each cylinder has an independent, electronically controlled throttle body.

Yamaha was contracted to co-develop the 1LR-GUE.[2]

Maximum power output is 411.5 kW (552 hp) at 8,700 rpm. Maximum torque is 480 N·m (354 ft·lb) at 6,800 rpm. The engine will rev to 9500 rpm, with 90% of its peak torque available from 3,700 rpm to 9,000 rpm. Due to the speed at which the engine revs, an LCD tachometer was fitted to the LF-A as an analog fixture allegedly could not keep up with the engine's speed of revolution.[citation needed]

Bore × stroke (mm): 88.0 × 79.0
Compression ratio: 12.0:1
V angle: 72 degrees


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