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A traffic barricade[1] is a type of barricade fitted with flashing lights and used to block excavations or road construction or other safety-related purposes. Formerly made of wood, or wood and steel, many now have structural members made wholly of plastic or composite materials.

  • The A-frame barricade or parade barricade resembles a sawhorse with a brightly painted top rail.
  • The Type I (or II) barricade also known as a waffle-board barricade resembles a sawhorse that can be folded flat. Type I indicates sheeting on top; Type II has sheeting on top and bottom.[2]
  • The Type III barricade has multiple rails supported by two end posts with feet.

One large multi-state company providing traffic barricade services was Houston-based, Highway Technologies, Inc., a US construction company that maintained offices in 33 cities.[3] It filed for bankruptcy in May 2013, laying off 740 of its 825 employees.[4] The company was founded in approximately 1983.[5]