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Studio album by Fiskales Ad-Hok
Released 1995
Recorded 1995
Genre Punk rock
Label BMG
Fiskales Ad-Hok chronology
Fiskales Ad-Hok
(1993)Fiskales Ad-Hok1993

Traga is the third album by the Chilean band Fiskales Ad-Hok, launched in 1995 under "Culebra Records", BMG sub-label. After releasing this album, Fiskales Ad-Hok decide they do not feel comfortable in their workplace, so I founded an independent record label themselves, CFA - Autonomous Phonographic Corporation - under which throw all his later works.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Río Abajo
  2. Carlitos Jesús
  3. Perra
  4. No estar Aquí
  5. Algo
  6. Gris
  7. Eugenia
  8. El perro del Regimiento
  9. Fuga
  10. El Circo
  11. Tevito
  12. Con Nuestras Manos
  13. Banderitas y Globos