Trams in Greater Cairo

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Trams in Greater Cairo
Cairo Tram
Cairo Tram
LocaleGreater Cairo, Egypt
Transit typeTram
Began operation12 August 1896 (1896-08-12)[1]
Tramways du Caire - Track & Works Service (1900s).jpg
Tramways du Caire - Chief Engineer & Technical Service (1900s).jpg
Tramways du Caire - Central Service (1900s).jpg
Operator(s)Cairo Transportation Authority (CTA)
System map

Cairo tramway map as of 1996

Constructed near the beginning of the 20th century, until 2014 the Cairo tramway network was still used in modern-day Cairo, especially in modern areas, like Heliopolis and Nasr City. During the 1970s, government policies favoured making space for cars, resulting in the removal of over half of the 120-kilometre (75 mi) network. Trams were removed entirely from central Cairo but continued to run in Heliopolis and Helwan.[2]

Map of the Cairo and Helwan tramway lines

However, Helwan's part of the system shut down completely in the aftermath of the 2011 Egyptian revolution,[2] and in 2014–2015 the surviving tram service in Heliopolis was almost entirely discontinued. Only a short section of one line in Heliopolis, between Court Square and the Tivoli Dome, continued to be operated.[3] By the end of 2019, service had ceased definitively, with tracks dismantled in order to widen the neighborhood's roads.[4]


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