Tramways in Zgierz

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Zgierz tramways
Locale Zgierz, Poland
Began operation 2004 (run 46 line in the direction of the Ozorków-Chocianowice)
2008 (run the line 16 and 16A from the merger in 2008 liquidate line 11)
Operator(s) MPK Łódź

Tramways in Zgierz - Zgierz tramway traction consists of 3 lines (16, 16A, 46), formerly consisted of 2 lines (11, 46). The carrier on lines 16 and 16A to MPK Łódź, and the line 46 to MKT.


Car type Line
Konstal 805Na 16/16A
Konstal 803N 46
Duewag GT6 46
Duewag GT8 46