Trance Generators

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Trance Generators
Origin Italy
Genres Trance
Hard Trance
Years active 1999–2010
Labels Future Sound Corporation
Members Simone Bergamelli (Ben DJ)
Massimo Magri (Radium)
Past members Aldo Pesenti
Philippe Martin

Trance Generators[1] was a hardstyle team from Italy, and was originally composed of Philippe Martin,[2] Simone Bergamelli[3] and Aldo Pesenti.[4] They released their first single (terminal 932) on the Anthem label, in 1999. The following year they started record company Future Sound Corporation. Aldo Pesenti[4] dropped out in March 2003 and six months later they released the remaining two tracks of the group's debut album, Banging Sounds. Starting from March 2003 the group consists of this Italian duo Massimo Magri[5] and Simone Bergamelli.[3] Banging Sounds Album Vol. 2 was released in mid-2006, showing that the Trance Generators had stuck to the characteristic hardstyle.[1] In March 2010 the Trance Generators ended their activity.


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