Puclaro Dam

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The dam which forms the lake is visible in the background
Coordinates 30°01′S 70°49′W / 30.01°S 70.82°W / -30.01; -70.82Coordinates: 30°01′S 70°49′W / 30.01°S 70.82°W / -30.01; -70.82
Type reservoir
Primary inflows Elqui River
Primary outflows Elqui River
Basin countries Chile
Max. length 595 m (1,952 ft)
Surface area 760 ha (1,900 acres)
Water volume 4.63×10^6 m3 (3,750 acre·ft)
Surface elevation 83 m (272 ft)
Dam Puclaro Dam

Puclaro is an artificial lake created by a dam on the Elqui River, 40 km east of the city of La Serena, Coquimbo Region and 500 km north of Santiago. Regular strong winds make the lake a popular place for kitesurfing.[1]

Its purpose is to improve the irrigation of 21,000 ha of farmland in the Elqui valley.[2]


Puclaro Dam is a 83 m tall and 640 m long concrete face gravel fill dam with a crest altitude of 435 m. The volume of the dam is 4,630,000 m³. The dam features a spillway over the dam (maximum discharge 3,800 m³/s). The upstream concrete face varies in thickness from 0.45 m to 0.30 m.[2]

Puclaro dam is founded on very pervious alluvial foundations more than 100 m deep.[2]

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