Translation Changes Everything

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Translation Changes Everything
Author Lawrence Venuti
Country United States of America
Language English
Subject Translation studies
Publisher Routledge
Publication date
Pages 278
ISBN 978-0-415-69629-6
LC Class P306.2.V454 2013

Translation changes everything: Theory and practice is a collection of essays written by translation theorist Lawrence Venuti.[1] during the period 2000-2012.

Venuti conceives translation as an interpretive act with far-reaching social effects, at once enabled and constrained by specific cultural situations. The selection sketches the trajectory of his thinking about translation while engaging with the main trends in research and commentary. The issues covered include basic concepts like equivalence, retranslation, and reader reception; sociological topics like the impact of translations in the academy and the global cultural economy; and philosophical problems such as the translator’s unconscious and translation ethics.[2]

Essays within book[edit]

Essay First published in Year of publication
1. Translation, Community, Utopia The Translation Studies Reader 2000
2. The Difference that Translation Makes: The Translator's Unconscious Translation Studies: Perspectives on an Emerging Discipline 2002
3. Translating Derrida on Translation: Relevance and Disciplinary Resistance The Yale Journal of Criticism 2003
4. Translating Jacopone da Todi: Archaic Poetries and Modern Audiences Translation and Literature 2003
5. Retranslations: The Creation of Value Bucknell Review 2004
6. How to Read a Translation Words without Borders 2004
7. Local Contingencies: Translation and National Identities Nation, Language & the Ethics of Translation 2005
8. Translation, Simulacra, Resistance Translation Studies 2008
9. Translation on the Book Market
10. Teaching in Translation Teaching World Literature 2009
11. The Poet's Version; or, An Ethics of Translation Translation Studies 2011
12. Translation Studies and World Literature Routledge Companion to World Literature 2012
13. Translation Trebled: Ernest Farré's Edward Hopper in English
14. Towards a Translation Culture The Iowa Review 2011

Scholarly reviews[edit]

Wei Liu in Perspectives Studies in Translatology published 1 December 2013.[3]

John-Mark Philo in Oxford Comparative Criticism & Translation (OCCT) published 6 August 2014.

Anthony Pym in European Legacy – Toward New Paradigms published 3 October 2015.[4]


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