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Transport World
FormationDecember 2015; 7 years ago (2015-12)
FounderBill Richardson
Founded atDart Street, Invercargill, New Zealand
TypeTransport attraction
PurposeDisplay collection, attraction, education, events
OwnersJocelyn and Scott O'Donnell
Parent organization
HWR Group
AffiliationsBill Richardson Transport World Classic Motorcycle Mecca
Bill Richardson Transport World
Bill Richardson Transport World front entrance exterior.jpg
Bill Richardson Transport World
Former name
Bill Richardson Truck Museum
EstablishedDecember 2015; 7 years ago (2015-12)
Location491 Tay Street, Invercargill, New Zealand
TypeTransport attraction
CollectionsVehicles, machinery, petrol pumps, transport memorabilia, wearable art, social history
FounderBill Richardson
DirectorJocelyn O'Donnell
CuratorGraeme Williams
OwnerJocelyn and Scott O'Donnell
Classic Motorcycle Mecca
Former name
NZ Classic Motorcycles
Established23 November 2016 (2016-11-23)[1]
Location25 Tay Street, Invercargill, New Zealand
TypeMotorcycle collection
CollectionsApprox. 300 motorcycles and 80 motorcycle-related artworks
FounderTom Burgess
DirectorJocelyn O'Donnell
OwnerScott and Jocelyn O'Donnell

Transport World is an Invercargill, New Zealand organisation that invests in tourism in Southland. So far they have four products: Bill Richardson Transport World, Classic Motorcycle Mecca, The Lodges At Transport World and Dig This Invercargill and have a restaurant and cafe on both Bill Richardson Transport World and Classic Motorcycle Mecca sites. The Grille Cafe is located at Bill Richardson Transport World at 491 Tay Street. Meccaspresso Cafe is located at Classic Motorcycle Mecca at 25 Tay Street. Bill Richardson Transport World and Classic Motorcycle Mecca are transport displays, The Lodges At Transport World are boutique apartment accommodations and Dig This Invercargill is an attraction that allows anyone to operate diggers and heavy construction equipment in a safe and controlled environment.

Bill Richardson Transport World[edit]

Bill Richardson Transport World is a 15,000 square metres (160,000 sq ft) complex full of vehicles and transport-related objects. It also has a construction zone for children, a library with a focus on transport and manuals, and an events and conference centre. Bill Richardson Transport World also displays wearable arts and social history objects. Some highlights of their displays include three of four of John Britten's bikes, including the V1000 Cardinal and a rare 1940 Dodge Airflow truck.


Southland businessman, Bill Richardson was interested in transport from a young age. His first business was a transport company called Southern Transport. Under his guidance, it grew into the HWR Group. When he bought trucks for the business, he had to concede that sometimes he, in his words, 'bought a truck more with our hearts than with our heads.' Transport World's collection began in 1967 when Bill Richardson began collecting old trucks, which by the time of his death in 2005 had grown to 150 vehicles including trucks, and farm vehicles.[2] He also collected petrol pumps and other transport related memorabilia such as signs and toy models. In 2015 Richardson's daughter Jocelyn and her husband Scott O'Donnell decided to open up their collection to the public. A new extension was built and in November 2015 Bill Richardson Transport World was opened.


Bill and his family collected many rare and unusual vehicles, along with popular classic vehicles. The collection spans from a 1904 Ford Ac car to a 2016 Dub Box caravan. Collections focus on

  • American pre and post-war trucks
  • British post-war trucks
  • Kombi vans
  • Pre-Model T Ford cars
  • Ford V8 cars
  • Classic and modern race cars
  • HWR company trucks
  • Agricultural tractors and machinery

Vehicle Highlights[edit]

Most of the vehicles in Bill Richardson Transport World are rare, unusual or significant. Highlights include:

  • A 1940 Dodge RX70 Airflow truck: This is one of only several hundred made[3][4] and one of only three known to be restored in the world.[5]
    1940 Dodge RX70 Airflow Texaco Tanker in the workshop of Bill Richardson Transport World
  • 1914 Stewart 1 ton truck: This truck was built by the Stewart Iron Works of Cincinnati, Ohio, USA who made trucks from 1912 to 1916. This is the only truck of this make believed to exist.[6]
  • 1932 Mack BG: the first truck to use the Mack Bulldog mascot. 2904 units of this model were made.[7]
  • 1907 Ford Model K car
  • 1924 Gotfredson 20B truck
  • 1936 Maple Leaf HY: Unusual make, a Chevrolet made in Canada with a Maple Leaf badge on it.
  • 1962 Kenworth Log Skidder
  • 1974 Begg 018 Formula 5000[8]


The following exhibitions are on display at Bill Richardson Transport World:

  • Pork Pie Corner: an exhibit displaying extra footage from the 2017 Pork Pie movie and real movie props, including the 2016 Mini Cooper S used during filming in Invercargill.[9]
  • Richardson Family story: It tells the story of the Richardson family from when they first came to New Zealand several generations ago to the present day. It also tells the story of life in early New Zealand and Southland business.
  • Ford exhibition: exhibit about the Ford Motor Company and Henry Ford.
  • Mobil exhibition: tells the story of Mobil's history, from its beginnings as Standard Oil to its present structure as ExxonMobil. This is included in Transport World because HWR is the New Zealand distributor for Mobil.
  • Wearable Art: gallery showcasing wearable art pieces from FibreOctave, an Invercargill event.

Interactive elements[edit]

Bill Richardson Transport World has several interactive elements to its attraction:

  • Construction Zone: children's room full of Lego and tablets with educational games.
  • Pork Pie Police car: a real decommissioned police car used during the filming of Pork Pie. One of the only decommissioned police cars with accessories still attached.
  • Replica Goodbye Pork Pie 1978 British Leyland Mini 1000 car: has been reconstructed as it appeared at the end of the movie, with many parts missing.
  • Jail Scene: 1925 Ford TT Replica Paddy Wagon and mock jail set with dress ups for children. People can access the back to recreate what it was like for a prisoner.
  • Majestic Theatre: a replica of Invercargill's Majestic Theatre that plays old movies.

Classic Motorcycle Mecca[edit]

Classic Motorcycle Mecca is a display of motorcycles showcased over two floors of a restored warehouse in Invercargill's CBD. Classic Motorcycle Mecca also displays motorcycle-related artwork.


Classic Motorcycle Mecca's collection began in 2008 when Tom Sturgess purchased a 1965 Triumph Cub. By 2014 he had nearly 300 motorcycles and over 80 pieces of motorcycle-related art.[10] In 2016 Tom and Heather Sturgess, owners of NZ Classic Motorcycles, put their motorcycle collection up for sale.[11] Joc and Scott O'Donnell bought most of the bikes and art and moved the collection to two old restored warehouses in Invercargill's CBD. It opened in late 2016.[12]


The motorcycles on display at Classic Motorcycle Mecca range in age from a 1902 Motosacoche to a one-of-a-kind 2007 Vincent Black Shadow. Highlights include:

  • 1930 Henderson KJ
  • 1937 Brough Superior SS100
  • 1928 Indian 101
  • 1928 Indian Scout
  • 1941 Indian Chief
  • Six Norton Manx bikes
  • Several BMW R series
  • Four Ariel Square Fours
  • 1960 BSA Super Rocket Gold Star
  • 1936 Harley Davidson Knucklehead


Highlights include the La Motosacoche – Brevetée en Tous Pays Poster and numerous pieces from the early 20th century.

The Lodges At Transport World[edit]

The Lodges At Transport World are boutique apartment accommodation for people visiting Invercargill, Southland. They consist of 6 two bedroom apartments managed by Graeme and Esther Bradford. They were opened in mid-2017.

Dig This Invercargill[edit]

Dig This Invercargill is based on the successful Dig This Las Vegas attraction. It allows anyone to operate diggers and heavy construction equipment in a safe and controlled environment. They are expected to be open in late 2017.


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