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Trasharama A-Go-Go is an annual low-budget/no-budget short film festival started in 1997 by Dick Dale of Adelaide bands Gacy's Place and Kamikaze. Although it was started in Adelaide, South Australia the festival has gained local and national sponsorship allowing it to grow slightly in size and a lot in popularity and now tours Australia with screenings in most Australian states.[1][2][3][4] Trasharama A-Go-Go is promoted as "Australia's NASTIEST Short Film FESTERval".[5] Although no festival was held in 2010, the festival returned the following yearand has been held annually since then.[6]

List of films screened sorted by year[edit]

1994 - A taste of what was to become the Trasharama festival, one-off screening held at the Crown and Anchor Hotel.

1997 - "Trash Film Night" - eleven films from Adelaide and Brisbane, followed by performances by the bands, Blood Sucking Freaks and The Ghouls, screening held at "Mad Love Bar" band venue.
Films screened included:

1998 - "Trash Film Night 2" - Held in Producers Hotel beer garden. Screening of 11 Australian films followed by live performances by the bands Madonna's Armpits and Fear and Loathing.
Films screened included:

1999 - Trasharama A-Go-Go is held at Mercury Cinema in Adelaide, Revolver Nightclub in Melbourne and Side On Cafe in Sydney.
Films screened included:

  • Hot Crusty Death- Judd Tilyard
  • Blood of a woman- Jonathan Sequeria
  • Making a Death Mask- Mark Nichols

2000 - Trasharama A-Go-Go is held at Mercury Cinema in Adelaide, The Zoo in Brisbane, Side On Cafe in Sydney and Revolver in Melbourne.
Films screened included:

Films screened included:

2002 Festival only held in South Australia in 2002, at Mercury Cinema in Adelaide.

  • Films shown comprised a "best of" selection from previous years.

2003 Screenings held in Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.
Films screened included:

2004 Screenings held in Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Caloundra, Geelong and Newcastle.
Films screened included:

2005 Travelled widely around Australia.
Films screened included:

2006 Travelled widely around Australia.
Films screened included:

2007 Travelled widely around Australia.
Films screened included:

2008 Travelled widely around Australia.
Films screened included:

  • Rabbit Rage (First place)
  • Look to the skies - Liam Jennings & Ben Nichols (Second place)
  • Money Shot
  • Mooney Street
  • The Good Ship Morning Dew
  • Death Of The Killer Bikini Vampire Girls
  • The Life Of Piglet
  • Look To The Skies
  • Stop The Barbies
  • Killin' Flies
  • Heartbreak Motel
  • Do You Have Protection
  • Garden Of Earthly Delights
  • Dr. Poo
  • The Day I Got Sacked
  • The Box Monster & The Death Bag Of Death
  • My New Ghoul Friends
  • The Love Of Victoria Anus
  • The Dog Sex Killer
  • Danny (The Dog Who Farts Fire)
  • Family Bizness


  • Monster Mash - Timothy Stewart, SA
  • The Golden Rule - David Wade, SA
  • Dirtbike Dero's - Macho Lama, SA
  • Cereal Killer - Daniel Vink, SA
  • The Decayed - Josef J Weber, SA
  • Vengeance wears a Tampon - Frank Daft, SA
  • The Tramp - Max Miller, Vic
  • Gumbys new Tit - Alex Machin, Vic
  • Potential Employee - Andrew Dunstan, Vic
  • The Body Watchers - Adam Spellicy, Vic
  • Hanging at Picnic Rock- Clint Cure, Vic
  • The Fish that Eat People - Ross Radiation, NSW
  • Attack of the killer bananas - Karina Libbey, NSW
  • The Bagman Genisus - Kade Ruckman, NSW
  • Have sex and die! - James Peniata, NSW
  • Violet is Dead - Thomas Cruikshank, QLD
  • Cravings - Jonathon Jahnke, QLD
  • Bound - Marcus Ditzel, QLD
  • A dark beginning - Aston Wenham, Simon Gill, Stephen Cass, QLD
  • Duncan Cunningham's Nightmare - Duncan Cunningham, QLD
  • Revenge of the Gnomes - Phillip Nelson, WA
  • Trapped - Matt Penny WA
  • Granny Basher Stinkweed and the Vic Bitter Bandits - Griff Broham, WA
  • Blood Shed - Jason Shipley, Canada
  • Mammoth Mammoth - Mat Govoni, Vic
  • Botched eyeball operation - Clint Enns, Canada