Traveller Double Adventure 1: Shadows/Annic Nova

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Traveller Double Adventure 1, Shadows.jpg

Traveller Double Adventure 1: Shadows/Annic Nova is a 1980 role-playing game adventure for Traveller published by Game Designers' Workshop.


Shadows/Annic Nova is a double adventure providing two separate scenarios which each begin with a list of pre-generated characters, equipment and introductory material.[1]


Tony Watson reviewed Shadows/Annic Nova in The Space Gamer No. 29.[1] Watson commented that "Overall, Shadows/Annic Nova is an interesting supplement for Traveller. The situations it describes should provide the players with a number of intriguing adventures, and even if the settings described aren't used exactly as given, they should provide an enterprising referee with enough ideas to set up a similar game scenario on his own. While Shadows/Annic Nova can easily be omitted from a player's Traveller collection, the dedicated referee will not want to be without it."[1]


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