Treat River

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Treat River
Treat River is located in Oregon
Treat River
Location of the mouth of the Treat River in Oregon
CountryUnited States
CountyLincoln County
Physical characteristics
SourceCentral Oregon Coast Range
 ⁃ locationSiuslaw National Forest
 ⁃ coordinates45°00′16″N 123°47′44″W / 45.00444°N 123.79556°W / 45.00444; -123.79556[1]
 ⁃ elevation2,064 ft (629 m)[2]
MouthSalmon River
 ⁃ coordinates
45°01′12″N 123°51′01″W / 45.02000°N 123.85028°W / 45.02000; -123.85028Coordinates: 45°01′12″N 123°51′01″W / 45.02000°N 123.85028°W / 45.02000; -123.85028[1]
 ⁃ elevation
223 ft (68 m)[1]

The Treat River is a short tributary of the Salmon River in Lincoln County, in the U.S. state of Oregon. It begins in the Siuslaw National Forest in the Central Oregon Coast Range and flows generally northwest. It enters the larger stream between the H. B. Van Duzer Forest State Scenic Corridor along Oregon Route 18 and the unincorporated community of Rose Lodge. It has no named tributaries.[3]

According to the Northwest Waterfall Survey, there is a waterfall about 100 feet (30 m) upstream of the mouth of the Treat River. Its unofficial name is Treat River Falls, the survey says, though that may be a pseudonym for Anna's Falls.[4]

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