Tree weta

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Tree weta
Male tree weta-orig.jpg
Male Wellington tree weta
Hemideina crassidens
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Insecta
Order: Orthoptera
Suborder: Ensifera
Family: Anostostomatidae
Genus: Hemideina

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Tree weta are weta in the genus Hemideina of the family Anostostomatidae. They are endemic to New Zealand.[1]


West Coast bush weta, Hemideina broughi (Buller, 1896)
Overlaps with the Wellington tree weta on the West Coast.
Wellington tree weta, Hemideina crassidens (Blanchard, 1851)
Wellington, the Wairarapa, the northern part of the South Island, and the West Coast.
Canterbury tree weta, Hemideina femorata Hutton, 1898
Mountain stone weta, Hemideina maori (Pictet & Saussure, 1891)
The drier areas of the central South Island high country. It abandoned life in trees millions of years ago in favour of crevices and cavities under rocks.
Banks Peninsula tree weta, Hemideina ricta Hutton, 1898
Banks Peninsula.
Auckland tree weta, Hemideina thoracica (White, 1842)
Also known as tokoriro, found throughout the North Island apart from the Wellington-Wairarapa region.
Hawke's Bay tree weta, Hemideina trewicki Morgan-Richards, 1995[2]
Hawke's Bay.


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