Treed Murray

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Treed Murray
Treed Murray Poster.JPG
Theatrical release poster
Directed by William Phillips
Produced by Paula Devonshire
Helen Du Toit
Marguerite Pigott
Written by William Phillips
Starring David Hewlett
Music by Jim McGrath
Joel Feeney
Marc Jordan
Cinematography John Holosko
Release date
November 30, 2001
Running time
90 minutes
Country Canada
Language English

Treed Murray, also known as Get Down, is a 2001 Canadian drama thriller film written and directed by William Phillips and starring David Hewlett. It won two Genie Awards (Overall Sound and Sound Editing), and was nominated for three more (Motion Picture, Direction, and Music - Original Song).


During a routine walk home, advertising executive Murray (David Hewlett) runs into Carter (Kevin Duhaney), a would-be mugger. After a struggle, Murray strikes Carter in the face with his briefcase and proceeds to walk away. Murray notices that the mugger is part of a small gang, which begins to chase him. Fearing for his life, he climbs a tree to evade capture, but finds himself unable to leave when the gang decides to wait for him to come down.

Attempts to call for help are useless, as Murray had been forced to give up his possessions to his attackers. As the night rolls in, the gang slowly becomes desperate and tries to force Murray out of the tree but find themselves accidentally providing him with weapons and hostages. The night continues and through several events, the two sides learn the importance of human life and begin to change.


Actor Role
David Hewlett Murray
Aaron Ashmore Dwayne
Clé Bennett Shark
Kevin Duhaney Carter
Jessica Greco Kelly
Carter Hayden KC
Julian Richings Homeless Man

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