Tremors: The Game

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Tremors Video Game.gif
Developer(s)Rock Solid Studios
Publisher(s)Conspiracy Entertainment
Platform(s)Xbox, GameCube, PlayStation 2, Microsoft Windows
Genre(s)Survival horror, action

Tremors is a cancelled video game that was based on the Tremors franchise. The game was announced in August 2002 by Rock Solid Studios,[1] who had been working on it since April/May 2002.[2]

The game was going to be released for the Xbox, Nintendo GameCube, PlayStation 2 and PC.[3] Tremors was scheduled for release during the fall of 2003.[4] However, the game was quietly canceled in the summer of that year.[1]


The video game was supposed to be a single-player, third-person, survival-horror action game. The player had to battle various types of Graboids[1] (Graboids and Shriekers were confirmed)[2] with ranged and melee weapons, while finding creative methods to avoid walking on the ground and hiding character's body heat signatures.[1]


It was announced that the game, while containing references to the films and the TV series, would have an independent story line taking place in the desert community of Golden Rock.[2]


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