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The Trentishoe area on Donn's one inch to the mile survey of 1765.

Trentishoe is a village in North Devon, England. It is in the Shirwell deanery of the Church of England. James Hannington, a future saint and a martyr, took charge of the small parish church of Trentishoe in 1873.

Trentishoe free festivals[edit]

In 1973 a small ecologically-themed free rock festival was held on a clifftop site near Trentishoe, titled the Trentishoe Whole Earth Fayre (possibly following a minuscule 1972 festival of which records are sparse). The 'International Times', in 1973, noted "The Trentishoe bash, kicking off on July 9th and running for a couple of weeks, looks like kindling a similar flame to that ignited by the Glastonbury Fayre".[1] The organisors of the 1973 event were Greg Haynes, Mike Tanner, Dave Mackay and Norman with music arranged by Greasy Truckers and Bath Arts Workshop.[2] Bands included Hawkwind, Pink Fairies and Magic Muscle. A follow-up event took place in 1975, and another under the same name but at a different location in 1976.[3][4]


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