Trenton station (Atlantic Coast Line Railroad)

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Trenton Depot01.jpg
Trenton Depot
General information
Town or citySW corner of N Main St. & NW 4th Ave, Trenton, Florida
CountryUnited States
Coordinates29°36′58″N 82°49′07″W / 29.61598°N 82.81872°W / 29.61598; -82.81872Coordinates: 29°36′58″N 82°49′07″W / 29.61598°N 82.81872°W / 29.61598; -82.81872
Completedca. 1905
ClientAtlantic Coast Line Railroad
Technical details
Structural systemwooden frame
A view of the east side

Trenton is a historic train station in Trenton, Florida. It was built in 1905 as a stop on the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad line from Newberry to Wilcox and on to Cross City.[1][2]

In 1989, the Trenton Depot was listed in A Guide to Florida's Historic Architecture, published by the University of Florida Press.[1]

In 2004, the Florida West Coast Railroad, which then operated the line through Trenton, was allowed to abandon all of its lines except for a short section leading west from Newberry.[3] In March 2010 the city of Trenton was approved for a 2011 state acquisition and development grant for the Trenton Depot.[4] In June 2010 Florida's governor and cabinet approved the state's purchase of a 9.33-mile corridor from Trenton Depot almost to Newberry for the Trenton-Newberry Rail Trail project.[5]


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