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Trevor Brown is an English artist from London but based in Japan. His "occasionally shocking" work explores issues of paraphilia.[1]

Life and work[edit]

Brown has been living and working in Japan since 1994.[1]

His work explores paraphilias, such as lolicon, ero guro, BDSM, and other fetish themes. Innocence, violence, misogyny, and Japanese popular culture all collide in Brown's art.

Early features on Trevor Brown's art appeared in Adam Parfrey's Apocalypse Culture II, Shade Rupe's Funeral Party 2, and in Jim Goad's ANSWER Me! zine. Since then his interviews and art have been featured in numerous publications worldwide, most recently on the cover of Gothic & Lolita Bible in Japan. His work also appears on a variety of book and record covers. He has illustrated for Coup de Grace an edition of Friedrich Nietzsche's Der Antichrist. Brown has also had several books of his art published.


  • Evil (1996)
  • Forbidden Fruit (1997)
  • My Alphabet (1999)
  • Temple of Blasphemy (1999)
  • Medical Fun (2001)
  • Li'l Miss Sticky Kiss (2004)
  • Rubber Doll (2007)
  • Trevor Brown's Alice (2010)
  • Girls War (2013)
  • Pandora (2015)
  • Trecos (2017)
  • La Nursery Noire (2019)


  • 1995 "Evil", NG Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
  • 1996 "Doll Hospital", Keibunsha Art Box, Kyoto, Japan
  • 1996 "Evil Twin", NG Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
  • 1997 "Japabon", Taco-che, Tokyo, Japan
  • 1997 "Forbidden Fruit", Azzlo Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
  • 1998 "Trevor Brown and Toshio Saeki", Merry Karnowski Gallery, Los Angeles
  • 1999 "My Alphabet", Merry Karnowski Gallery, Los Angeles
  • 2001 "Sexy Nurse", Taco-che, Tokyo, Japan
  • 2001 "Rope, Rapture and Bloodshed" (with Antoine Bernhart), Mondo Bizzarro Gallery, Bologna, Italy
  • 2001 "Medical Fun", Span Art Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
  • 2002 "New World" (with Keiti Ota), Merry Karnowski Gallery, Los Angeles
  • 2003 "Retrospective", Mondo Bizzarro Gallery, Bologna, Italy
  • 2004 "Valentine Fair", Taco-che, Tokyo, Japan
  • 2004 "Li'l Miss Sticky Kiss", Gallery Le Deco, Tokyo, Japan
  • 2005 "Sakura", Taco-che, Tokyo, Japan
  • 2007 "Rubber Doll", Gallery Le Deco, Tokyo, Japan
  • 2007 "Rubber Doll", Subterraneans, Osaka, Japan
  • 2007 "Babies Exhibition", Taco-che, Tokyo, Japan
  • 2010 "Time of Alice" (with Yuriko Yamayoshi), Bunkamura Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

Album and single covers[edit]


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