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Trevor Howard Montague (born 20 May 1954) is a British author who compiles books of facts. Best known for A to Z of Almost Everything, he has since compiled A to Z of Sport, A to Z of Britain And Ireland and A to Z of British (and Irish) Popular Culture. He is also a prolific game show contestant, with victories in Today's the Day and Fifteen-to-One, although the latter victory resulted in legal action as Montague was ineligible to win. Montague founded the British Quiz Association in 2001.

Trevor Montague first appeared on Fifteen-to-One in 1990 and was quickly eliminated. In 1992 he entered again under a false name, Steve Romana, and wearing a disguise, in clear breach of the show's rules. Montague's eligibility was only called into question after a viewer spotted him during a rerun of the show on Challenge. A judge found the case proved against Montague and awarded damages.[1]



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