Tribes of Neurot

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Tribes of Neurot
Origin Oakland, California, United States
Genres Experimental
Dark ambient
Years active 1995–present
Labels Neurot Recordings
Release Entertainment
Relapse Records
Associated acts Neurosis, Pain Teens
Members Scott Kelly
Steve Von Till
Dave Edwardson
Noah Landis
Jason Roeder
Pete Inc.
Billy Anderson
Scott Ayers
Frank Garymartin

Tribes of Neurot is an experimental ambient band that infuse tribal-like sounds into their music.


Tribes of Neurot is a side project of Neurosis that consists of all the members of Neurosis along with additional musicians. The music explores many of the same themes that Neurosis does but from a radically different angle. Whereas Neurosis has structured songs, Tribes of Neurot has given them the freedom to explore practically anything in music and sound, such as 2002's Adaptation and Survival, which consists entirely of insect noises recorded and mixed to create something that sounds entirely different. Many of their releases coincide with Neurosis releases, such as Silver Blood Transmission and Neurosis' Through Silver in Blood. Tribes of Neurot's Grace epitomizes this: released alongside Neurosis' Times of Grace, the two discs are meant to be played simultaneously for an enhanced experience that neither disc delivers on its own.





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