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Origin San Francisco, California
United States
Genres Punk rock, Progressive rock, Acid rock
Years active 2005-2010
Labels Gold Standard Laboratories
Alternative Tentacles
Sick Room Records
Missing Finger Records
Associated acts Peace Creep
Victim's Family
Bottles and Skulls
Lower Forty-Eight
Pins of Light
Street Eaters
Members Christian Eric Beaulieu
Larry Boothroyd
John Geek
Phil Becker

Triclops! was a San Francisco and Oakland-based Acid Punk/progressive rock band formed in 2005. They released two full-length albums, a 7" picture disc single, and an EP on noted independent record labels Gold Standard Laboratories, Alternative Tentacles, and Sick Room Records. Triclops! includes members of noted bay area bands Victim's Family, Fleshies, Bottles and Skulls, and Lower Forty-Eight. The band went on hiatus in 2010 following the release of their second full-length Helpers On The Other Side, with the members remaining busy in their older bands and new projects. Triclops! guitarist Christian Eric Beaulieu's current project is as the primary songwriter for Los Angeles-based band Anywhere, which also features progressive punk luminaries Mike Watt and Cedric Bixler-Zavala.

Triclops! albums are composed of lengthy, epic songs with often-spastic structures. Complex, aggressive guitar lines and a driving rhythm section competed for space with strongly melodic vocals, which were frequently obscured beneath a bevy of vocal effects; this sonic juxtaposition earned strong critical reactions, both positive and negative, for the band's releases.[1][2] Noted for its powerful live show, in which singer John Geek frequently ventured into the audience,[3] Triclops! extensively toured the United States and Europe. The band's last publicized performance date was in April, 2010.[4]


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