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Trinidad and Tobago Newsday
Type Daily newspaper
Owner(s) Daily News Limited
Editor Therese Mills
Founded 1993
Headquarters 23A Chacon St.
Port of Spain, Trinidad

Trinidad and Tobago Newsday is a daily newspaper in Trinidad and Tobago. Newsday is the newest of the three daily papers after the Trinidad and Tobago Guardian and the Trinidad and Tobago Express respectively. The newspaper was founded in 1993 by Daniel Chookolingo), Therese Mills became the first editor-in-chief she was the former editor-in-chief of the Guardian. Newsday bills itself as "The People's Newspaper".

In addition to its main offices at 23A Chacon Street, Port of Spain, the paper maintains satellite bureaux in Chaguanas and San Fernando, Trinidad, and Scarborough, Tobago.

In 2010, Newsday began printing copies of the USA Today International Edition on its presses. Mills compared her paper with its new American partner, calling them "both young newspapers. ... When Newsday started in 1993, we faced enormous challenges as we threw down the gauntlet to two well-established national dailies. In four years, however, Newsday had become the number one daily newspaper in readership in this country.”[1][2]

Kris Rampersad, who like Mills is a former editor at The Guardian, served as senior journalist and investigative reporter in politics and other social issues for Newsday, winning several awards.


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