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Coordinates: 53°54′31″N 27°33′22″E / 53.908535°N 27.555985°E / 53.908535; 27.555985 The Trinity Hill is the oldest surviving district of Minsk, although it's not part of the downtown, rather a suburb, hence another name, Trinity Suburb (Trajeckaje pradmiescie). The historic neighbourhood sprawls along the left bank of the Svislach River in the southeastern part of the modern city. The Belarusian 5-ruble bill featured an image of Trayetskaye Pradmestsye.

There are several hypotheses about the name. The most common relates it to the first Roman Catholic church in Minsk, the Trinity and Assumption of Mary Church (be), which was, according to a legend, founded by Władysław II Jagiełło. Another suggestion is Trinity Convent, of which little remains.

The Trinity and Assumption church, Trinity Convent, the Ascension Monastery, the church of Sts. Boris and Gleb, and a synagogue whiche existed there, have disappeared. Today it is an area of 19th-century housing, mostly restored after the ravages of World War II. Modern buildings include the national opera and ballet theatre and the Island of Tears memorial.

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