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Trisha Torrey
Born1951 (age 69–70)[1]
Other namesPatricia Torrey
Elmira College (in Education)[3]
Occupationpatient advocate
Years active12+[4]

Trisha Torrey is an American advocate of patient empowerment and patient advocacy.[2][5]

Torrey became an activist after she was misdiagnosed with a rare form of cancer.[6] While scrutinizing her own medical records, she found an error and avoided unnecessary and potentially damaging and dangerous chemotherapy.[7] She founded the Alliance of Professional Health Advocates in 2009.[6] In 2009 she wrote the book You Bet Your Life which detailed strategies for patients in avoiding mistakes.[8] She advocates that patients empower themselves to get the healthcare they deserve, take steps to stay safe when they access care, especially in hospitals, and that they get a "full picture of a doctor's background", including where they went to medical school and their certifications and length of practice.[9]

Selected works[edit]

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