Triumph 13/35

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Triumph 13/35
Manufacturer Triumph Motor Company
Production 1924-1926
2500 made (see text)
Body and chassis
Body style five seat tourer
Engine 1872 cc side valve I4
Transmission Three-speed manual
Wheelbase 108 in (2,743 mm)
Length 151 in (3,835 mm)
Predecessor none
Successor Triumph 15/50

The Triumph 13/35 or 12.8 was a car manufactured from 1924 to 1926 by the Triumph Motor Company in the UK.

It was powered by a four-cylinder 1872 cc engine of 72 mm bore and 115 mm stroke with single Zenith carburettor which produced 36 bhp.

It was the first British production car to be fitted with hydraulic brakes on all wheels. These were made by Lockheed and were of the external contracting type.

Approximately 2500 of this model and the parallel 15/50 models were made. It was generally priced at about £375-495.


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