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Trodat Inc.
Private limited company
Industry Metal industry
Founded (1912) Vienna, Austria
Founder Franz Just
Area served
Products self-inking rubber stamps, marking products, laser engraving machines, internet solutions
Number of employees
1150 worldwide (2009)

Trodat, Inc. according to its own data, is the world’s largest manufacturer of self-inking rubber stamp (base sales). The Trodat international group of companies has its company headquarters in Wels, Austria. The Trodat corporation employs more than 1100 workers worldwide.

History & development[edit]

The cornerstone for today’s international group was laid in Vienna, Austria in 1912 with the founding of the sole proprietorship of Franz Just & Söhne.

The 1951, relocation to the American occupation zone with good national and international connections in Upper Austria took place during economically difficult times – the Second World War, occupation zones, currency reform, compensation transactions. The first exports to Switzerland, Denmark, the Netherlands and Germany took place.

Trodat Holding GmbH was founded in 1987 as the parent company for foreign subsidiaries. Conversion to the present-day trust and corporate structure with board of directors, management holding and operating corporations took place in 1999. Today, the Trodat international group of companies, with numerous foreign and domestic subsidiaries, employs more than 1100 workers in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, France, Great Britain, Poland, Canada, the United States, South Africa, China, Japan and India.

Company name[edit]

The firm’s present-day name – Trodat – comes from a product designation. During the years 1947 and 1948, the first plastic date stamp with the Trodat name was produced. Trodat is a juxtaposition of the syllables TRO and DAT. "TRO” stands for Trolitul – a plastic previously used for stamp manufacture. “DAT” is the abbreviation for date stamp. After re-christening in the late 1960s, Trodat became the official company name.[citation needed]


A software solution named uTypia for ordering personalised stamps was developed to support Trodat stamp sales over the internet. The online ordering system has existed since 2000. According to Trodat data, Trodat dealers currently sell their products over the internet in more than 500 uTypia online shops.

Business areas[edit]

The Trodat Group’s products and services concentrate on the stamp and laser business:

According to its own data, Trodat is the world’s largest manufacturer of stamps (base sales). It specialises in self-inking stamps. Self-inking stamps are stamps with a built-in stamp pad. The Trodat Printy stamp, the first generation of which was introduced to the market in 1976, achieved sales of more than 200 million according to the manufacturer's data. The most famous of Printy stamps is the "Trodat Printy 4913", automatic version and best seller.

Laser Engraving Instruments[edit]

The Trotec subsidiary (founded in 1997) deals with laser systems. It offers high quality solutions[clarification needed] and applications in the areas of engraving, marking, and cutting.

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