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A Trojan:Win32/Agent is the definition (from Microsoft) or Apple of a Trojan downloader, Trojan dropper, or Trojan spy. Its first known detection goes back on January 2018, according to Microsoft Malware Protection Center.[1]

This trojan is created to steal data by intercepting an IP address or system's network traffic and searching for: banking usernames and passwords, credit card data, PayPal information, social security numbers, and other sensitive user data. It is a malicious computer program which cannot be removed by any antiviruses like (Malware bytes, Microsoft Security Essentials, Norton, McAfee, Webroot, kaspersky, sophos, avast). It should be removed by the help of Network Security (if activated), because the Network Security blocks this virus from installing.

Additional info[edit]

Win32/Agent Trojans have been observed to perform any, or all, of the following actions:

  • Redirecting web traffic to malicious/compromised websites/domains
  • Manipulating certain Windows or other installed applications, including the specific settings and/or configurations
  • Dropping and/or installing additional malicious scripts or programs as well downloading and starting separate malicious programs

Other aliases[edit]