Trond Nordby

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Trond Nordby
Born (1943-07-06) 6 July 1943 (age 74)
Nationality Norwegian
Occupation Historian and political scientist
Spouse(s) Gro Holm (formerly)

Trond Nordby (born 6 July 1943) is a Norwegian historian and political scientist.

He graduated candidatus philologiæ in 1972, and received his PhD in 1984. He worked as a research fellow and lecturer of history at the University of Oslo from 1975 to 1986. From 1985 to 1989 he was a researcher for NAVF, and from 1990 he worked at the Norwegian Institute for Social Research. He is now a professor in the Department of Political Science, University of Oslo,[1] having been promoted in 1995.[2]

His research has centered on several issues. His background with health history shows in the 1989 biography of Karl Evang and his 1993 book chapter Det offentlige helsevesenet - en fagstyrets høyborg, about the technocracy in health management in Norway. The book I politikkens sentrum. Variasjoner i Stortingets makt 1814-2004 (second edition 2004) focuses on the Norwegian Parliament and Constitution. He has also synthesized social and political history, among others in the book Det moderne gjenombruddet i bondesamfunnet. Norge 1870-1920.[3]

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