Tropic (magazine)

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Tropic (magazine).jpeg
Final Editor Tom Shroder
Categories Sunday magazine
Frequency Weekly
First issue October 15, 1967
Final issue December 6, 1998
Company The Miami Herald, Knight Ridder
Country United States
Based in Miami
Language English
An issue of Tropic Magazine from 1992

Tropic was The Miami Herald's Sunday magazine, published as an insert in the Sunday edition from 1967 until 1998. Tropic won three Pulitzer Prizes and published many writers who went on to become well known. The magazine published humor columnist Dave Barry's, Gene Weingarten, Carl Hiaasen, Paul Levine, Madeleine Blais, Joel Achenbach, Bill Cosford, Tom Shroder among others.[1][2]

The magazine created the Tropic Hunt, now known as the Herald Hunt.

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