Tropical Storm Dora

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The name Dora has been used for two tropical cyclones in the Atlantic Ocean, seven tropical cyclones in the Eastern Pacific Ocean, and one tropical cyclone in the Western Pacific Ocean. It was used in the Atlantic before the formal naming system was instituted; though it was later retired in the Atlantic, it remains on the Pacific list. It has also been used for one tropical cyclone in the Southwest Indian Ocean and two tropical cyclones in the Southwest Pacific Ocean.


  • Tropical Storm Dora (1956) – moved across the southern Bay of Campeche.
  • Hurricane Dora (1964) – Only hurricane to date to strike Jacksonville, Florida. Caused 1 direct death and 239 million in damage (1964 USD).
  • The name Dora was retired after the hurricane of 1964, and was replaced by Dolly for the 1968 season.

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