Tropical Storm Ida

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The name Ida has been used for a total of eighteen tropical cyclones worldwide: two in the Atlantic Ocean, thirteen in the Western Pacific Ocean, one in the Southwest Indian Ocean and two in the Southwestern Pacific Ocean.

Atlantic Ocean:

  • Hurricane Ida (2009) – Strong Category 2 hurricane that made landfall in Nicaragua, near Tasbapauni, at minimal Category 1 strength, and twice in southern Alabama with 45 mph winds, though it did make a direct hit on Venice, Louisiana with 65 mph winds. Ida may have also helped steer a tropical low in the east Pacific into El Salvador, indirectly causing 124 deaths from heavy flooding and rains.
  • Tropical Storm Ida (2015) – A weak tropical storm that moved erratically through the open ocean, it never threatened land throughout its existence.

The name replaced Isabel which was retired after the 2003 season.

Western Pacific:

Southwest Indian Ocean:

Australian region:

Southwest Pacific Ocean: