Trose Emmett Donaldson

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Trose Emmett Donaldson (born June 19, 1914 in Tacoma, Washington), was appointed a lieutenant (junior grade) in the U.S. Naval Reserve from the Merchant Marine on November 25, 1940.

Military service[edit]

He served in the oiler Sepulga (AO-20) and in repair ship Otus (AS-20) from March 25, 1941.

Awarded Navy Cross[edit]

Lieutenant Donaldson was awarded the Navy Cross for his heroism in December 1941 at Cavite, Philippine Islands, when he worked tirelessly to evacuate ships and wounded and to fight fires during Japanese air raids.

He was killed in action while commanding a U.S. Army tug on April 9, 1942 and was posthumously awarded the Distinguished Service Cross by the War Department.

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