Troth Yeddha'

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Troth Yeddha'
College hill
Troth Yeddha' is located in Alaska
Troth Yeddha'
Troth Yeddha'
Highest point
Elevation 623 ft (190 m)
Coordinates 64°51′31″N 147°50′21″W / 64.858706°N 147.839171°W / 64.858706; -147.839171Coordinates: 64°51′31″N 147°50′21″W / 64.858706°N 147.839171°W / 64.858706; -147.839171
Location Fairbanks North Star Borough

In February 2013, the US Board of Geographic Names approved the university, supported proposal to officially name the prominent ridge, on which the University of Alaska Fairbanks is currently located as Troth Yeddha'.[1]

This is a Lower Tanana Athabascan place name that derives from words troth, meaning 'Indian potato' or 'wild potato' (Hedysarum alpinum) and yeddha', meaning 'ridge'.[2]

The 2200 acre east-west trending ridge has had no official name. Portions of the ridge are referred to unofficially in English as 'College Hill' or 'University Ridge'.[3]

The name Troth Yeddha' is one of a suite of Lower Tanana place names in the university area reflecting the base troth. These include:

  • Tr'exwghodegi Troth Yeddha' Bena' Smith Lake (literally: 'upper wild potato ridge lake')
  • Tr'exwghotthigi Troth Yeddha' Bena' Ballaine Lake (literally: 'lower wild potato ridge lake')
  • Troth Ghotthiit Geist Road - Fairbanks Street area (literally: 'toward the water from Indian potato')

In 2008 the University of Alaska Fairbanks dedicated the land between the Museum of the North and the Reichart Building as Troth Yeddha' Park. A design for the park is being developed.


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