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Troy Adams is an award winning interior designer based in West Hollywood, California.[1] He has been featured in newspapers,[2] magazines,[3] websites and TV appearances such as Oprah and HGTV's Designer Chalengefor his interior and product design concepts.[4][5] Adams is also the creator of FusionDesign.[6]


Adams was born on October 18, 1961 and grew up in Wasilla, Alaska. He attended Wasilla High School and worked in construction in Alaska before moving to Hawaii. Troy lived in Honolulu Hawaii, and it was during this 17-year tenure that he was commissioned to design a villa in Ubud, Bali where he envisioned and created the FusionDesign concept for the first time.

He has also designed spaces in Guam, Saipan, the Hawaiian islands, as well as Norway and England. He began traveling to Germany 20 years ago where he learned about German design techniques and aesthetics. He also spent time in Italy exploring kitchens and becoming immersed in Italian kitchen design.

Adams has been a design consultant to kitchen cabinet manufacturer Studio Becker for the past 22 years. Troy has three sons, and is now based out of Southern California with a private studio and showroom in the Pacific Design Center, where he has been located since 1999.[7]

Design concepts[edit]

Adams is known for a number of interior design concepts including his trademarked FusionDesign concept which blends European standards of sophisticated and technological minimalist design with both the American principles of functionality and the Zen qualities of Asian cultures. The concept of FusionDesign was first thought of in 2000 as a commissioned project for a villa in Ubud, Bali which was built on a rice paddy. This was the first implementation of a FusionDesign concept. Unlike other design concepts, FusionDesign uses natural materials including basalt, lava stone, bamboo, cork flooring and stainless steel for this design method. FusionDesign also uses open space concepts as well as hidden compartment and hideaway areas to increase the size and apparent size of the spaces used.[8]

FusionDesign is a contemporary style built upon an abiding respect for nature with inspiration from Asian and Pacific Rim cultures that place a premium on these values too. The inspiration for this design came from the visits of interior designer Troy Adams to Guam, Bali and Saipan and his seventeen-year tenure in Hawaii in the formation of this design theory.[9]

Another unique design concept implemented by Adams has been labeled as the "kitchen within a kitchen" concept. Although this concept is not necessarily new, and was first implemented in the 1960s, Adams is one of the innovators of this concept who is bringing it back to the kitchen in a more modern fashion. This "kitchen within a kitchen" concept, requires that there is an entertainment kitchen which opens into the main living area and an adjoining professional-style kitchen that can be tucked away behind closed sliding doors. This allows the host to keep the dirty dishes, food preparation and cooking utensils out of the sight of the guests as they are contained in the hidden kitchen. When the food is more presentable, then it can be transferred to the visible kitchen.

The concept is similar to a Japanese tradition commonly found in high-end homes, where two kitchens serve two different purposes. In Japanese high-end homes the visible entertainment kitchen is where hosts socialize while engaging in some light food prep, and where the utensils and appliances are mostly hidden. The cooking staff or caterers occupy the hidden kitchen, which is hidden behind closed doors for food production and cleanup.

Other design concepts used by Adams are used to hide appliances such as the refrigerator, pantry, stove and sink with an aesthetically pleasing design element.[10]


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