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Troy Dunn is an American television personality, producer, and public speaker who specializes in creating and producing television that generally includes reuniting people with long lost loved ones.


Dunn was the executive producer and star of the television show The Locator, which ran five seasons on the cable network WE.[1] In 2013, the cable network TNT announced it was producing a similar program for which he would be executive producer and host, APB with Troy Dunn.[2] In 2015, he was the host and executive producer of the UPTV show "Last Hope With Troy Dunn".[citation needed]

In 2002, Dunn sold his company to[3][4]

Dunn is a senior partner in a leadership-training company.[5] His books include "Young Bucks", "It's Never Too Late"[citation needed] and "Family: The Good 'F' Word", published by Bird Street Books.[citation needed]

Dunn is co-founder of a publishing company, Aylesbury Publishing.


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