Trúc Hồ

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Trúc Hồ
Birth name Hung Anh Truong, pseudonym is Trúc Hồ
Born (1964-04-02) April 2, 1964 (age 52)
Origin Sai Gon, Vietnam
Occupation(s) songwriter, producer, CEO
Years active 1980-present
Labels Asia Entertainment,

Trúc Hồ (born April 2, 1964) is a successful Vietnamese American musician turned producer, most famous for his series of musical variety shows entitled "Asia" (produced by his company Asia Entertainment, Inc.) and his 24-hour Vietnamese channel Saigon Broadcasting Television Network.


Notable songs[edit]

  • Bước Chân Việt Nam - Footprints of Viet Nam
  • Con Đường Việt Nam
  • Cơn Mưa Hạ
  • Đỉnh Gió Hú
  • Em Đã Quên Một Giòng Sông
  • Làm Thơ Tình Em Đọc
  • Một Ngày Việt Nam
  • Nếu Không Có Em
  • Như Vạt Nắng
  • Trong Cuộc Tình Ân Hận
  • Viet Nam Niem Nho
  • Trai Tim Mua Dong
  • Anh Di Ve Noi Dau
  • Mot Lan Nua Thoi
  • Thoi The Thi Chia Tay
  • Tinh Yeu
  • Se Hon Bao Gio Het
  • Du Chi Mot Lan Thoi



For several years Truc Ho has been an activist for "human rights and democracy in Vietnam". His conservative campaign named "One Million Hearts, One Voice" collected over 135,000 signatures from 63 nations on a petition to be presented to the U.N. Human Rights Council.[1]

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