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Key people
Keith Schorsch, Founder and Chief Executive Officer[1]
Ruben Ortega, Vice President of Engineering[2]
Jude O'Reilley, Vice President of Product Management[3]

Trusera was a Seattle-based social networking startup founded in 2007 by Keith Schorsch, a former executive.[4] Schorsch's struggle with Lyme disease in 2004 inspired him to create Trusera,[5] a place where users can access information from people who have had similar medical experiences.[6] In October 2008, Trusera began releasing documentary-style videos of individuals with notable health experience, including Bill Krueger, former professional baseball player and father of a child diagnosed with autism.

Trusera was a part of the Health 2.0 movement, which is drawing millions of users to the web for health related information.

Trusera closed on May 27, 2009 citing funding difficulties on their blog.


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