Truth & Beauty: The Lost Pieces Volume Two

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Truth & Beauty: The Lost Pieces Volume Two
Steve Roach Truth & Beauty.jpg
Compilation album by Steve Roach
Released 1999
Recorded 1987-1998
Genre Ambient
Length 71:46
Label Timeroom Editions
Producer Steve Roach
Steve Roach chronology
Dust to Dust
Truth & Beauty: The Lost Pieces Volume Two
Atmospheric Conditions
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4/5 stars[1]

Truth & Beauty: The Lost Pieces Volume Two (1999) is an album by the American ambient musician Steve Roach. Like the first Lost Pieces, this album is a collection of pieces that were either temporally lost in Steve Roach’s archive of recording or released on limited edition, multi artist compilations.

The first seven tracks are tribal ambient with a more conventionally structured and straightforward approach than most of Roach’s tribal projects. Three of the tracks were recorded while Steve Roach was a member of the trio Suspended Memories. “Earthman” and “Fate Awaits” were recorded with Spanish electric guitarist and Suspended Memories collaborator Suso Saiz.

The last three tracks are more atmospheric and experimental. “The Unreachable Place (Again)” has a dark mysterious atmosphere punctuated by isolated piano chords. “The Unbroken Promise” is a slow pulsating piece with recorded natural ambience similar to Slow Heat. “This and the Other” is a rich, expansive atmosphere punctuated by sparse, random notes giving it a surrealist atmosphere.

Track listing[edit]

  1. ”Aftermath” – 9:11
    (Originally released on the Spanish edition of Stormwarning, 1992.)
  2. ”The Majestic Void” – 5:36
    (Originally released on Klem Electronische Muziek 1994, 1994.)
  3. ”Fall of Moai” – 1:53
    (Recorded in 1993, Earth Island era. Previously unreleased.)
  4. ”Earthman” – 9:44
    (With Suso Saiz. Same as track 3)
  5. ”Fate Awaits” – 4:22
    (Same as track 4)
  6. ”Beyond the Blood” – 5:15
    (Recorded in 1994, Artifacts era. Additional voices added in 1998. Previously unreleased.)
  7. ”Before the Sacrifice” – 6:54
    (Originally released on Twilight Earth, 1994.)
  8. ”The Unreachable Place (Again)” – 9:38
    (Recorded in 1987, Dreamtime Return era. Previously unreleased.)
  9. ”The Unbroken Promise” – 7:51
    (Originally released on The Promises of Silence, 1993.)
  10. ”This and the Other” – 11:15
    (Originally released on Soundscape Gallery Series One, 1996.)

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