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Tryphon or Trypho (Greek: Τρύφων, gen.: Τρύφωνος) (ca. 60 BC-10 BC) was a Greek grammarian who lived and worked in Alexandria. He was a contemporary of Didymus Chalcenterus.

He wrote several specialized works on aspects of language and grammar, from which only a handful of fragments now survive. These included treatises on word-types, dialects, accentuation, pronunciation, and orthography, as well as a grammar (Τέχνη Γραμματική, Tékhne grammatiké) and a dictionary. The two extant works that bear his name, On Meters and On Tropes, may or may not be by him. He had a pupil named Abron.[1]

In popular culture[edit]

In the original French edition of The Adventures of Tintin, Professor Cuthbert Calculus is known as Professeur Tryphon Tournesol (Professor Tryphon Sunflower).



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