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Background Information
Born: 10 June 1983
Origin: Uganda
Genre(s): Afro-fusion, Hip-Hop, World
Associated with: Bataka Squad
Label(s): Unsigned
Website: https://www.facebook.com/Tshila/

Sarah Tshila, a.k.a. Tshila is a world-fusion musician from Uganda who first got onto the music scene in 2005 as a member of the pioneering Ugandan hip-hop group, Bataka Squad. She started out as the female MC in the group then later began to explore a solo career as an Afro-Fusion artist.


Tshila was born on 10 June 1983 in Kampala, Uganda. She went to university in Valdosta, Georgia and received a bachelor's degree in Computer Science in May 2005.

She began making music in August, 2005, after she met Ugandan hip-hop group, Bataka Squad and was introduced to their rap style that combined rhymes from Luganda, the local language, with Western rhythm. She later branched out as a solo artist, with a different style of music that combined afro-fusion, hip-hop and African traditional rhythms.

In July 2006 she played at the Zanzibar International Film Festival where she was first recognized as a contributor to the diversity of Ugandan music abroad.[1][2] [3] She was also featured in a documentary for Current TV about the struggles that a young African goes through in modern times, called "Raw Truth".[4]

In 2007, Tshila was named one of the 20 best unsigned artists in the world by the BBC World Service in their talent search called "The Next Big Thing"[5][6].

In August 2007, she recorded her first album, called Sipping from The Nile, which combined spoken word poetry, African traditional music and hip-hop. It has received acclaim from music critics in East Africa[7][8].

She has also been recognized as a spokesperson and contributor to youth movements for social reform in Uganda.[9]


  • Sipping From The Nile 2007
  • Track Listing:
    • 1 Intro
    • 2 Kampala
    • 3 Interlude
    • 4 Namboozo
    • 5 Nkole Sente (earn My Living)
    • 6 Sipping From the Nile
    • 7 Interlude8 Urumi Moyoni (Pain in My Heart)
    • 9 Omubbi Waakuno (Village Thief)
    • 10 Interlude11 Ca Suffit (Had Enough)
    • 12 Scientific Love
    • 13 Beera Nange(stay With Me)
    • 14 Buli Shesi Nghola (Whatever I Do)
    • 15 Interlude
    • 16 Naabone (I Get It)
    • 17 The Night Is Mine
    • 18 Interlude
    • 19 Outro
  • Singles:
    • Buli Shesi Nghola
    • Namboozo
    • Scientific Love

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