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Tsimiroro is located in Madagascar
Location of Tsimiroro
Country Madagascar
Coordinates 18°21′8″S 45°0′17″E / 18.35222°S 45.00472°E / -18.35222; 45.00472Coordinates: 18°21′8″S 45°0′17″E / 18.35222°S 45.00472°E / -18.35222; 45.00472
Operators Madagascar Oil
Estimated oil in place 9.3 million barrels (~1.3×10^6 t)

Tsimiroro is a large oil field in the onshore Morondava Basin of Madagascar found south of the Bemolanga ultra heavy oil field and south of the town of Morafenobe. It is estimated to contain as many as 9.3 billion barrels (1.48×109 m3)[citation needed] of heavy oil with 14° to 16° API gravity. The oil is found in the Isalo and Amboloando formations.

Madagascar Oil is the license holder of the Tsimiroro field. It describes the field as being a heavy oil field with a significant volume of oil in place. It gives figures for oil in place (2010 estimates) as:

Oil in Place Volumes billion barrels Low Medium High
Contingent Resources 1.100 1.688 2.459
Prospective Resources 0.991 2.189 6.872
Total 2.091 3.877 9.331

Madagascar Oil is working on a steam flood pilot project as well as continuing drilling operations to expand the proven reserve base. Tsimiroro is believed to be able to achieve at least 80,000 barrels (13,000 m3) to 80,000–100,000 barrels (13,000–16,000 m3) of oil output per day over 35–40 years. First production was realised in March 2008, a year when a total 2,000 barrels (320 m3) were produced.


  1. ^ Data in this table are as per Netherland Sewell


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