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Poster to Tsumugi
Directed by Hidekazu Takahara
Produced by Daisuke Asakura
Written by Hidekazu Takahara
Starring Sora Aoi, Takashi Naha, Shigeru Nakano
Music by Kentaro Nojima
Edited by Shoji Sakai
Distributed by Shintōhō Eiga(Japan)
PinkEiga Inc. (USA)
Release date
  • July 27, 2004 (2004-07-27)
Running time
61 minutes
Country Japan
Language Japanese

Tsumugi (制服美少女 先生あたしを抱いて, Seifuku bishōjo: Sensei atashi wo daite) aka Uniform Beauty: Shag Me Teacher![1] (2004) is an award-winning Japanese pink film directed by Hidekazu Takahara and starring Sora Aoi. It was released in the US as a DVD in July 2009.


Tsumugi, a girl with a crush on her teacher, discovers that the teacher is having an affair with another teacher. Complications ensue after Tsumugi manages to attract her teacher, but then begins falling for a fellow student.[2]


  • Sora Aoi... Tsumugi Miyamae
  • Satoshi Kobayashi... Koshuke Yanagi
  • Takashi Naha... Shinichi Katagiri
  • Shigeru Nakano... Asu
  • Chiyoko Sakamachi... Yoko Shimazaki


Tsumugi was named fourth best pink film release for 2004 at the "Pink Academy Awards", the Pink Grand Prix.[3] AV idol Sora Aoi was also given a "Best New Actress" award at the ceremony for her performance in this film.[4]


The film was first released theatrically in Japan on 27 July 2004. Pink Eiga Inc. released the DVD in the US on July 1, 2009 in two versions, a Standard and a Special Edition. The Special Edition contains a behind-the-scene feature, an interview with Sora Aoi, music clips and a 5.1 ch surround soundtrack.


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