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Tuck & Patti
Background information
Genres Jazz, soul
Years active 1981–present
Labels Windham Hill
Website www.tuckandpatti.com
  • Tuck Andress
  • Patti Cathcart

Tuck & Patti are an American jazz duo, whose members are the married couple guitarist William Charles "Tuck" Andress (born Oct. 28, 1952 in Tulsa, Oklahoma) and singer Patricia "Patti" Cathcart Andress (born October 4, 1949 in San Francisco).[1]

Early life[edit]

Guitarist Tuck Andress met singer Patti Cathcart at an audition in San Francisco in 1978.[2] Prior to this, Tuck had studied classical music at Stanford and had been a session performer with The Gap Band,[3] while Patti had been with The Brides of Funkenstein.

Music career[edit]

After relocating to Patti's hometown of San Francisco, Tuck and Patti worked as members of a Bay Area rock-cover band. "We burned up some time with this band," Tuck said, "and then we thought, 'Okay, what are we going to do? We need to make some money while we put together our [own] band—so let's learn some songs as a duo. And all of a sudden, we were out there performing as a duo, neither of us having any idea what we were doing, just figuring it out as we went." [4]

As their fame around the Bay Area grew, they declined offers of recording contracts so they could polish their unique sound. Finally, in 1987, they signed with Windham Hill Records, with whom they recorded their breakout album Tears of Joy, which received airplay on jazz and pop radio stations around the U.S. They recorded several more albums with Windham Hill, then signed with Epic Records for an album in 1995. They followed this with more releases on the Windham Hill and 33rd Street Records labels. They now have their own label, T&P Records, which licenses their recordings for worldwide distribution.[5]

They were married in 1983, and continue to appear at concerts and festivals around the world. When time permits, they also hold vocal and guitar workshops and teach privately.

Additional Information[edit]

Tuck Andress plays a 1953 Gibson L-5 guitar, which he originally acquired because it was the model played by his idol Wes Montgomery. [6]

Tuck's niece is singer-songwriter Annie Clark, who performs as St. Vincent. As a teenager, Clark was a roadie for Tuck and Patti, and was later an opening act for the duo.[7]


  • Tears of Joy (Windham Hill, 1988) U.S. Top Contemporary Jazz Albums No. 8[8]
  • Love Warriors (Windham Hill, 1989) U.S. No. 162, U.S. Contemporary Jazz No. 5[8]
  • Reckless Precision (Windham Hill, 1990) U.S. No. 186, U.S. Contemporary Jazz No. 3[8]
  • Dream (Windham Hill, 1991 – Valley Entertainment, 2009 reissue[9])
  • Hymns, Carols and Songs about Snow (Windham Hill, 1991)
  • Learning How to Fly (Epic, 1995)
  • The Best of Tuck & Patti (Windham Hill, 1997)
  • Paradise Found (Windham Hill, 1998) U.S. Contemporary Jazz No. 19[8]
  • Taking the Long Way Home (Windham Hill, 2000)
  • As Time Goes By (Windham Hill, 2001)
  • Chocolate Moment (33rd Street, 2002)
  • A Gift of Love (33rd Street, 2004)
  • Pure Tuck & Patti (Windham Hill, 2006)
  • I Remember You (T&P, 2007)


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