Tuco (mountain)

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Tuku, Huanaco Punta
Tuco is located in Peru
Highest point
Elevation5,479 m (17,976 ft) [1]
Coordinates9°55′27″S 77°11′57″W / 9.92417°S 77.19917°W / -9.92417; -77.19917Coordinates: 9°55′27″S 77°11′57″W / 9.92417°S 77.19917°W / -9.92417; -77.19917
LocationPeru, Ancash Region
Parent rangeCordillera Blanca
First ascent1-1963 via N.W. slopes[1]

Tuco,[2][3][4] Tuku,[1] Tucu[5] (possibly from Quechua tuku, owl)[6] or Huanaco Punta[7] (possibly from Quechua wanaku guanaco and Spanish punta peak, ridge; first, before, in front of)[6][8][9] is a mountain in the Andes in South America. Its summit is 5,479 m (17,976 ft)) high and it is one of the southernmost peaks in the snow-capped Cordillera Blanca in northwestern central Peru. Tuco is located in the Ancash Region, Bolognesi Province, Aquia District and in the Recuay Province, Catac District.[10] It is situated northeast of Caullaraju, between Challhua in the west and Pastoruri in the east.[7]

Other neighboring peaks are Juchuraju or Condorjitanca (5,392 m (17,690 ft)) and Santón (5,100 m (16,700 ft)).[5][7] Raju Cutac (5,355 m (17,569 ft)) is the only peak further south in the Cordillera Blanca.[5][7]

A stream also named Tuco originates near the mountain and flows out to lakes Aguashcocha and Conococha, at the headwaters of Santa River.[5][7]


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