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Tucson Gay Museum, Tucson LGBTQ+ Museum, aka Arizona LGBTQ+ Museum
EstablishedJune 10,1967
LocationVirtual Online and Traveling Mobile LGBTQ+ Exhibits
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The Tucson Gay Museum, a.k.a. the Arizona LGBTQ+ Museum, is a museum in Tucson, Arizona which aims to collect, preserve, archive and virtually exhibit the LGBTQ+ history of the state.[1] Within the Arizona LGBTQ+ Museum's extensive comprehensive one-of a kind exhibits and collections include the Tucson Gay Museum and the Phoenix Gay Museum collections of priceless original regional Tucson, Phoenix, Flagstaff, Yuma and Arizona LGBTQ+ history as well as LGBTQ+ and other exhibits of national and international scope.[2] The Tucson Gay Museum Aka Arizona LGBTQ+ Museum collaborates under many pre-existing agreements with numerous archives and museums throughout the United States and Worldwide.


The Tucson Gay Museum began on June 10, 1967, as an LGBTQ+ history archiving project effort when a few local Tucson, Arizona neighborhood school age boys came together in one of their families garages to collect LGBTQ+ historical items, take and collect LGBTQ+ photographs of the people places and events of the time period before them, collect event and organizations posters and flyers, gather and save Gay & Lesbian publications, make sound recordings in and around their community of LGBTQ+ events, people, and those related subjects along with other LGBTQ+ historical items. Soon the group of young men were collecting LGBTQ+ historical related exhibit items from all around Arizona, including Phoenix Tucson and other cities in Arizona later expanding to areas of other states within the United States including those of Alaska and Hawaii.

The Tucson Gay Museum now is one of a number of LGBTQ+ museums within the Arizona LGBTQ+ Museum and still remains the oldest and the only all-volunteer surviving LGBTQ+ 1967 effort as its founders originally chartered into its organization in the summer of 1967. The founding members used their own film loaded cameras often developing the film at home in their early days of collecting, photographing, in time filming, and archiving historical items and memorabilia to create historical exhibits since their summer of 1967.[3]

Over the years since those legendary, violent, and often very turbulent historical decades of the 1960s 1970's and after in Phoenix, Tucson, other Arizona communities and around the United States and beyond, the museum's historical preservation project gained broader focuses at times including the production of LGBTQ+ related historical video and movie documentaries, an LGBTQ+ related TV Show 'OutWest', sponsoring Tucson and Phoenix LGBTQ+ events, providing educational exhibits at Tucson and Phoenix LGBTQ+ related and other events, working with local and national LGBTQ+ organizations, fielding LGBTQ+ historical documentary audio/visual field crews, working with national and international LGBTQ+ historical groups on LGBTQ+ historical preservation and in the startup of their efforts. The Tucson Gay Museum was the Worlds First All Virtual LGBTQ+ Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender Queer Museum.

Traveling Tucson LGBTQ+ Memories Project[edit]

The Tucson LGBTQ+ ( Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender Queer + Memories Project ) maintains various traveling historical exhibits displays which have been exhibited in locations such as Tucson, Phoenix, the University of Arizona, Washington D.C., The National LGBTQ Museum , local and state groups, and various other venues. Some of the Tucson LGBTQ+ Memories Project's traveling mobile historical exhibits displays include:

  • Tucson LGBTQ+ Memories Project[4]
  • Memorium Wall of Remembrance[5]
  • Tucson Gay Hate Crimes Murder Victims Memorial Project[6]
  • Tucson AIDS Service Groups History Exhibits
  • Tucson Pride Events History Exhibits
  • Tucson LGBTQ Organizations History
  • Tucson Gay & Lesbian Bars History Exhibits
  • Tucson Gay Hate Crime Murders Memorium Exhibits(1970's-2014)
  • Tucson LGBTQ Places Memorial Project Exhibits


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